My wife and I live, work, and learn in Chicago. We both graduated from Moody Bible Institute and enjoy spending time with friends and family as well as playing sports when we get the chance.

My main influences are God, my wife, family, and friends.

Favorite reading includes: the Bible, Lord of the Rings, any book about the Napoleonic Era, Time Life WWII series, Robin Hood, King Arthur, a number of books about Basketball, and a host of non-fiction history.

I’ve written sports articles, essays, devotions, and now a fantasy novel.

On the importance of words:

The adage “Words have power” is common enough and holds more truth than we often realize. However, before those powerful words are formed, they begin as thoughts. Whether those thoughts are conscious or subconscious, they are shaping who we are and how we view ourselves before they are ever spoken. Before we say “I am ________” we think it.

The truth is that words only have power in so much as they influence thought. Thought determines actions and beliefs. Through the words we choose to consume, receive, or reject we can direct our thoughts. The words we speak to ourselves can shape our thoughts as well.

There is another adage that is not quite as well known, but equally as true. “Belief precedes practice.” We are and we do what we think and believe.


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