Daily Devotion: The work God requires

Earlier in this chapter, Jesus fed the five thousand and then slipped away and sailed across the lake to Capernaum. When the crowd realized it, they went to find him.

“When they found him on the other side of the lake, they asked him, ‘Rabbi, when did you get here?’

Jesus answered, ‘Very truly I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw the signs I performed but because you ate the loaves and had your fill. Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.’

Then they asked him, ‘What must we do to do the works God requires?’

Jesus answered, ‘The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.’ – John 6:25-29

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Daily Devotion: Faith like a child

Jesus spoke of the need to have faith like a child during His earthly ministry.

“He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” – Matthew 18:2-5 

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Daily Devotion: Merely Human Concerns

“When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, ‘Who do people say the Son of Man is?’

They replied, ‘Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.’

‘But what about you?’ he asked. ‘Who do you say I am?’

Simon Peter answered, ‘You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.’

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Daily Devotion: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Jesus actually cleanses the temple twice during His ministry. Once at the beginning (John 2) and again near the end after the triumphal entry (Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19).

While all of the accounts focus on driving out those doing business and turning the temple into a market, John 2 also displays how Jesus fulfills prophecy as the messiah.

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Daily Devotion: Twelve years without Peace

Mark 5 contains the account of Jesus raising the daughter of Jairus to life. As He is on the way to do so, this story occurs.

“And a great crowd followed him and thronged about him. And there was a woman who had had a discharge of blood for twelve years, and who had suffered much under many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was no better but rather grew worse.  – Mark 5:24b-26  Continue reading

Daily Devotion: God brings the results

“[Jesus] also said, ‘This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how. All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head. As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come.” – Mark 4:26-29

This parable provides insights into how the kingdom of heaven grows as well as the nature of ministry and being a witness for Christ and His kingdom.

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