These are articles on specific topics that are longer than the devotional thoughts. There will be some crossover material from the devotionals, but there will be much more covered in addition.

Doubt in the Bible

We all face many doubts in our lives. Doubt can be paralyzing, cause flip-flopping, or even full-fledged retreat. Doubts about our faith or our relationship with God can be especially damaging.

Does God Mean what He Says?

Our misuse of words runs the gamut from seemingly innocent to truly sinister. While the cheapening of words has made it more difficult to tell people what we truly mean and for them to fully believe it, the more damaging aspect of this is when the misuse of words creeps into our understanding of God and His Word.

Cost Effective Ministry

I agree that we should be good stewards with the resources God provides us with, both in our personal lives and in ministries and churches. Ministries and churches should also be transparent about budgets and costs and financial records, both to promote good stewardship as well as remove some of the opportunity for misuse of funds or worse.

However, we should be wary of operating churches and ministries too businesslike. The church is not a corporation, its purpose and mission is much different. Can we borrow principles? Of course. But we can also get sucked in too far and end up looking more like a business than an organic body.

Mary’s Faith

Much of what I will write on this topic is held with very, very loose hands. There is a lot of reading between the lines and wondering. I could very well be totally wrong about much or all of it. However, I do think that it is worth thinking about as long as we are aware it isn’t explicit in scripture and we hold it loosely.

Mixed-race in the Bible

In this article I will mainly point out a few prominent interracial couples and their mixed-race children in scripture. By doing so I hope to give people biblical examples of God’s blessing on both interracial couples and people of mixed heritage.